About A Crescent Moon LLC

A Crescent Moon (ACM)specializes in land design, image conceptions, and the creation of 3D art forms for interior and exterior spaces.  The studio specifically provides services for Illustration, Graphic Design, Landscape Architecture with ancillary services such as Fine Art and Small Sculpture.

ACM has been designing landscapes, creating illustrations, sculpting forms and developing graphic designs for nearly 25 years. ACM provides construction administration services for landscape construction to include stonework, masonry and carpentry completed by subcontracted professionals for projects of all sizes to the highest quality level achievable.

Landscape Architecture by far is the largest component of ACM with awards in planning and design of small gardens to large urban, institutional and recreational sites. See our gallery of projects…….

A Crescent Moon LLC (ACM) is a small design oriented, artist workshop with skills in computer and hand-generated images and artifacts. ACM specializes in illustration, design graphics, ornaments and adornments, sculptures, landscape and architectural illustration (both computer aided and hand-drawn) and landscape architecture. The vision statement of ACM is to provide two and three-dimensional designs for images, artifacts and land for the aesthetic enhancement of interior and exterior spaces


A Crescent Moon LLC engages in the planning, design and development of images, artifacts and landscapes. All aspects of ACM’s creations are to maintain and protect the environment and to enhance the aesthetic cultural character of indoor and outdoor living spaces.